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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

In an attempt to get an accurate representation of the munchkins, today I'm not going to gush about how good my kids are.  I will first post some pictures in which they are cute and we do fun things:

Will makes his own PB&J these days.

And he jumps of diving boards!

Gracie is still our best friend in the whole wide universe.

Annie made pink butterfly cupcakes from the stuff she got from Grandma Kristie for her birthday.

And she got to eat the leftover frosting all by herself!
Fun and cute, right?


And now for the bad (which makes me ugly)...

Today Will and Annie went to play at our friend's the Carter's house.  Will and Beckham get along smashingly.  Well, they had to watch another little boy named Jack.  Will doesn't really know Jack.  Sometimes Will gets uncomfortable around people he doesn't know (and by sometimes I mean all the time).  He's shy- I GET THIS.  Instead of just being shy, he tells Jack that he needs to go home.  When Jack wouldn't go home, he gets all sulky and goes to my friend Breona and tells her to send Jack home.  Poor Jack!  The kid didn't do a dang thing but show up to join the party, and here's this stranger telling him to get lost.

After a little while (and some bedroom time at Breona's), Will snapped out of it and played like a good kid.

When we got home I went to talk about what happened with Jack.  I asked him how he'd feel if someone told him to go home when he was playing this a friend.  His response-

A stiff lipped "I DON'T CARE."

Oh, yeah!  I'll make you care!  Bedroom time, nap, no legos- and me as the UGLY MOM.  Nothing sets me off quicker than when my kids are treating other people badly.

And Annie.  She's three.  Three, I tell you!  I'm trying to think of a good word to describe her lately and belligerent comes to mind.  Is it too strong?  Probably not.  It might not be strong enough, actually.  She loves to ignore us, make giant messes with lotion and soap, raid the fridge, and do anything else that she knows she isn't supposed to be doing.

You see, this is why three is so hard- THEY KNOW BETTER.  It's like they're teenagers in baby form.

So right now, both kids that have pushed me to my wits end are in their rooms (asleep or not), and they will stay there until I feel good enough to get them out.  Could be in an hour.  Could be three.  Because you know what?

Sometimes Mom needs bedroom time, too.

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marciea casselman said...

Yes, I can empathize. I think some of the most valuable time out sessions are the ones that mom takes. :)