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Thursday, February 16, 2012

He's a good boy.

William.  What would I do without this kid?

He is a boy of many talents!  He happens to be not only a fine artist, and an excellent molder of play doh ducks, but more importantly he is:

A- The best big brother in the universe!  Annie hits, kicks, scratches,  bites, and calls him names, and sweet William walks up to me with a broken heart to explain what has happened.  He almost never retaliates!  (This does not include the times when he runs around like a dragon/dinosaur/cheetah with the intentions of scaring the snot out of his baby sister.  Sometimes he gets what's coming to him).

B- Such a good listener.  The majority of the time I only have to ask him once.  He picks up his toys (and his sisters!), brushes his teeth, hangs up his clothes, puts his socks and underwear away, gets dressed, and will even take care of little Scooter.  My how I have trained him well.  Here's hoping this carries over into the teenage years.

C- Faithful and strong.  He is the first to volunteer to say the prayer.  He reminds us to have family scripture study and family prayer.  He never forgets to say his prayers before bed.  He talks about how important it is to follow Jesus and to choose the right.

In short, he is everything I want to be.


Amber said...

Oh Amy, teach me your magical tricks.

marciea casselman said...

It is one of life's interesting facts that our children are much better individuals than we ourselves are. Which is good, I guess, in order for society to progress for the better.

Shelly said...

What a sweet boy! Yes, please teach us your tricks. My kids are pretty good, but I do wish they would listen better sometimes. How'd you do that?

Andrea said...

That is the cutest picture Amy! Hopefully Alaina will be as good as that!

Ashley said...

Yep, still jealous of your adorable son :) Just kiddin. He is seriously such a handsome good boy.

Erin said...

What seriously wonderful post. How great he is is a testament to how great you are! I love you both.