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Monday, October 17, 2011

Witches Night Out

 Halloween is here!  We've been enjoying festive crafts and endless bowls of candy at our house, but this last weekend provided our first opportunity to dress up!  I went to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village with my adorable sisters-in-law.  We had a blast gobbling up caramel apples, cinnamon almonds, and dancing until our feet couldn't take any more (literally).
Our real life kitty- Annie Kate!

What good is a witch without her kitty?
Annie was so sad she couldn't come to the "girl party" with me. I try to bring her along to most girl things I attend (showers, jewelry parties, etc), but they said that witches had to be 18 and over. Instead, Annie had a Kitty's Night Out with her brother and Daddy.
My witches!!!  Back: Me, Sierra, and Abby.  Front:  Kallie and Liesel
To top the weekend off, AMC's annual Fear Fest began last night!  That means two weeks of horror movies nonstop just for me.  Let the spooks begin!


kalie said...

What cute witches! I can't wait to hear more about it ... and to make a batch of cinnamon almonds for myself! :)

Erin said...

I love you leggings! Hannah is going to be a witch too...and has those same leggings. What a fun thing to do with the family!

Trent and Whit said...

Looks like a blast!!! Annie Kate is the cutest little kitty EVER! Go Halloween!!

marciea casselman said...

I have heard that Witches Night Out at Gardner Village is super fun. I've never tried it but I go to Gardner Village every fall and see the Halloween decorations! Amazing!
And I love your striped tights.

Nate, Cami and Crew said...

Cute costumes. You are one sexy witch and by the way your cat is very cute. Happy Halloween. Love and miss you.