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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big 5

Will is 5.


I told him to stop growing up, but he replied, "I can't because I just keep having birthdays!"

Will is an excellent big brother, a good listener (especially if your name isn't "Mom"), a talented little artist, a budding fisherman, and a sweetheart if you catch him in the right mood.  I don't remember life without him anymore and I'm so glad.  I'm certain our lives were very bland in the Before-Will days.

Annie helped make the cake and/or eat the batter.
 When I was a kid we got to go to Arctic Circle with my Mom for lunch on our birthdays.  We never went out to eat, so this was a BIG DEAL.  It is a tradition I wanted to carry on with my own children.  When they are in school they will get a one-on-one lunch with Mom, but until then they have to share the privilege with their other sibling.  This year we invited Will's best friend, Grace, and Miles and Alli who were in town visiting Grandma Kaiserman.  We all had as much fun as it's possible to have at McDonald's.
Miles Robinson, Grace Perkins, Will, Alli Robinson and Annie at McDonald's for lunch.

Alli and Grandma Kaiserman
Will wanted a "fisherman cake".  I did my best people!  With no plan googled and only a vague memory of a fish cake I had when I was little to go on, I think it turned out okay.  Will thought it was the best cake he'd ever seen, so that's all that matters.   I used blue jello to make the lake and placed Swedish fish underneath so you could see the fish swimming.  When Will saw the fisherman he said, "Hey, it looks just like me... except it has brown skin and marshmallow hands."

The handsome boy received a Ninjago Lego set from each grandma and his parents for his birthday.  He is a self proclaimed "Lego Boy."
 Happy Birthday to our favorite Silly Willy.


Heidi said...

You have a 5 year old! That is crazy! I can't believe how big he is getting. I love his cake! Did you make it?

Erin said...

I was going to say that the fisherman looks just like Will, minus the marshmallow hands! Silly boy. He is a stud!