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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fine Artist

Will really started to get in to coloring and drawing this last year when he started preschool. Since then we have gone through reams of paper and a handful of notebooks with his pieces. Just to give you an idea, here is what he created in one day:This does not include the 17 pictures that he made on colored paper on the same day. He creates letters and pictures for his friend Grace constantly. Pictured below are the cats that he drew for her:
I love that all of the animals he creates have families. Also, that is his penmanship at the top. he's getting so good at writing his letters! It must be because of all of that practice. (Plus he has a really awesome teacher who may or may not be reading this blog:)).
He drew these motorcycles all by himself! I thought Dallas helped him with the one he drew at the bottom, but he didn't- it's all Will.
He loves to color motorcycles, race trucks, race cars, monster trucks, animals, and his friends and family. He has some pretty good skills and we are proud of how diligent he is as he is working. He never wants me to throw any of his pictures away, but I simply can't keep them all! I pick out my favorites and sometimes we make a book, or I put them in his special keepsake folder. Maybe he has that artistic gene that my two older brothers have. Only time will tell!


Tracie said...

How cute is that! I love that he is so enthralled with his art... And he does a great job! What a cutie. Thanks for sharing this fun insight to Will and his growing personality. So cute!

Jenn said...

What an artist!!!! Those motorcycles are awesome!!!

marciea casselman said...

He's a good little artist. Get your reams of paper ready!!!

Phyllis said...

He's very good for his age. Reminds me of his Grandpa Nicoll. He was a very good artist too. He comes naturally with his love of cars. His Grandpa Nicoll drew all kinds of cars and at 6 could identify most cars on the road. Must be in the genes. Love him.