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Saturday, July 24, 2010

All for the sake of a Peach Rainbow.

We had no plans for the 24th of July. I was brainstorming about what to do, and all I wanted was a Peach Rainbow from Pace's Dairyann. So, off to Syracuse we went!

While we were there we decided we'd go mini-golfing at Swan Lakes for the first time with Will. Suffice it to say, I'm not the next Tiger Woods... and neither is Will. Dallas managed a hole in one though. (I'll pretend I didn't mention hole #17 when it took him 9 strokes to get it in the hole on a par 2 :)).

Before fireworks I got my Peach Rainbow. It was well worth the 150 miles round trip to enjoy that bad boy.


Erin said...

Peach Rainbows are seriously delicious! Well worth a trip. I'm lousy at mini-golf and openly admit I cheat!

Nate, Cami and Crew said...

My kids have been asking when we get to go golfing with your family again- I bet Dallas hopes it isn't to soon ;) I really appreciated his help and patience. Give your little piggy and vehicle fanatic kisses from their Auntie.

Celeste said...

Wait.... did you drive 150 miles just for the rainbow? That is fabulous. I totally love them.