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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heart to Heart

The whole time you are expecting a baby there never seems to be an end to the worry. It starts with fears of miscarriage, escalates to some sort of disorder, and then after the baby is born there is a wash of relief. You are able to hold that little person in your arms, count fingers and toes, and kiss perfection in its truest form.

Just because you aren't the person that's pregnant doesn't mean that you are exempt from worry. I happen to have a lot of pregnant friends/neighbors/family members. Which means I worry. A lot.

After my nephew little Kenny was born I breathed the big sigh of relief. Phew! Another healthy little family member is here, healthy and accounted for.

Then he had a check up last week.

Kenny was having what was called PCVs. In simple folk terms, his heart was trying to beat when it was supposed to be taking a rest. Leslee and Clay's pediatrician had Kenny get an EKG and the results were sent to Primary Children's where they were to have a consultation with a specialist the following Tuesday.

I heard about Kenny's little heart problem from my sister, Cami. She was at work, worrying, and called to see if I was doing the same. After that call, I didn't stop worrying. I had nightmares and his little heart was constantly on my mind.

Saturday my Mom called to tell me that we were going to have a family fast for Kenny on Sunday. Since I'm nursing, I usually don't fast, but I felt like I needed to. I really wanted to. We began our fast Saturday night.

Sunday went as it usually did. Sacrament meeting was sweet, Sunday school was, well, Sunday school. Then it was time for Relief Society. One of the counselors in the presidency, Jill Winterose, was giving the lesson. She told of how she planned all week to just give the lesson that she had prepared for the Stake Relief Society activity a couple weeks ago because her week this week was completely insane, but she had this nagging feeling that she needed to give the lesson on something else.

And then Jill began to talk about hearts.

The entire lesson she talked about the human heart; how it is what keeps us going, its importance, its strength and fragility. My heart began to swell. Within just a few minutes of her lesson, I had the most peaceful feeling wash over me. I knew that Kenny was going to be okay. There was no question in my mind. Our Father in Heaven was listening. He heard our prayers on Kenny's behalf, and he was going to bless us.

I stopped worrying. And on Tuesday Kenny had another EKG at Primary Children's Hospital that was perfect.

He listens. We just need to act.


Laurel said...

I am so glad. The whole time I was reading this, I was worrying. I don't even know him, but something about babies gets to me. I am so happy it ended well.

Trent and Steph said...

I am so glad everything turned out okay.

Erin said...

Inspiration is amazing! I'm so glad he's okay. Blessings! It is amazing that something so little can make us adults feel so small and helpless.

Trent and Whit said...

Got chills reading this. Glad he's ok.

Ben and Heidi said...

I love hearing stories like this! Thanks for sharing. And I'm glad to hear everything is okay with your nephew. What would we do without the power of prayer?

angied said...

that gave me chills. the lord truly is so kind and really does know what is in our hearts and what we are praying and fasting for. i have a HUGE testimony of fasting and prayer. that was a great lesson and fit prefectly with what you were fasting for. im glad he will be ok.

Rachelle said...

So true! I am so glad he is okay!!!

Ryan & Michelle said...

So I started reading, wondered if I should stop & so glad that I kept reading. I love when we receive inspiration like that!!
As a side note, since preggo's & breast feeders shouldn't fast I was told to fast from a certain food, whatever I chose (treats!!) - it's still a sacrifice & it makes you feel like you are still involved. Anywho, I know you mentioned that you felt you needed to fully fast - and that is fine - but in case you need to or feel like it again, that is always an option :)

Chris and McKell Provost said...

Wow that is great! He really does answer our prayers..

Ty and Mari said...

I think you need to put a warning at the top of the post... people who are ball babies, please grab a tissue!

I guess I just needed to hear how mush Heavenly Father loves us! I am glad Kenny is doing well!

katie said...

I have chills. Thank you for sharing. I am so thankful for this beautiful blessing and the tender mercies surrounding it.

marciea casselman said...

These little tender mercies are testimony builders that increase our faith line upon line and precept upon precept.
Gratitude from us is one of the best ways to show our love and thankfulness.

Pugmire family said...

You should have had a warning on this post "new mothers do NOT read"
Now that I am blubbering, thanks for the beautiful post.