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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking A Break

After Annie's blessing last weekend, my mother-in-law Kristie was kind enough to take Will up to Afton, WY for the week. He spent lots of time with his Aunt Abby, playing with Beau's hot wheels, jumping on the tramp, and chasing the chickens. His Grandpa Mark now has over 60 chickens (which might as well be a million when you are 2). Will loves them! I think we might have a future chicken farmer on our hands.
He said some funny things while he was up there. He knew we were coming up on Friday. When Kristie tried to convince him to use the potty, he said he would just wait until his Mom came. Luckily she convinced him otherwise. He also wanted Annie to come visit Wyoming.

While we missed him when he was away, it was a very nice break. I spent a lot of time, well, sleeping. The earliest I got out of bed was 9:30 AM, and it was bliss! I was also able to finally figure out how to clean my house and get dinner on the table at a decent hour- this has rarely happened since Annie was born and I am grateful it has finally come back to me. The rest of my time was mostly spent cuddling with my girl.

Dallas had his Trigonometry final, and I am so happy to report that not only is the class over, but that he also got an A!!! He is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him for going back to school.

Annie had her first friend come over for a play date; Miss Kyla Jayne Atwood came to visit. Kyla is only 8 days older than Annie, but you would never know that since Annie is big for her age and Kyla is little. I just know they are going to be fast friends.


marciea casselman said...

Good for Dallas. Boyd worked hard on going to school while we had children. It is no easy task. And I can't believe how big Annie has grown. She's adorable.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

soooo cute!!!!

Ben and Heidi said...

I know they're going to be fast friends too!

Ben is SUPER DISAPPOINTED about the boy's "survivor man" camping trip that was supposed to take place this weekend...I hope they can reschedule, and then we can have a girl's night!!