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Monday, April 20, 2009

In Case You Need Some Good News

  • I saw the Ice Cream Truck last Friday at my friend Erin's house. This means it is summer. I remember wearing a little wrist pocket with $1.25 in it so I could buy the ice cream I wanted and I wouldn't be caught unprepared. (Thanks to Wendy Wilson for letting me use that all those years ago!)

  • I found out that I have so much extra credit in my History class that I could opt out of the final and get 94% in the class. (Which I still won't do because I have to get 95% to get an A, but that means I won't be studying hardly at all).

  • Sonic cream slushes cure any bad day.

  • So does the "Tigger Game" if you are a two year old.

  • This isn't really "good news" but it's funny and noteworthy: Will has now started making up excuses. Such as, "I can't do it. It's hard for me.", "I'm tired/sleepy/hungry" and last but not least "No Mommy! That's a bad idea!"

  • I finally saw a good movie! It has felt like ages. So, you should see Seven Pounds with Will Smith.

  • Osh Kosh is having their big $5 sale.

  • So is pretty much every other kid store at the Park City Outlet Mall.

  • And last but not least, I had the insight to make brownies yesterday. That means I get to go upstairs and have brownies and ice cream while I watch a free movie courtesy of Redbox. Ahhh, this is the life.


Trent and Steph said...

That is the life to have.

Wendy said...

Hey, I'm here for you. Even if it means I throw a brick at you every now and then. ;)

angied said...

seven pounds, i agree, is one of the best in a long time. its one of my all time favorites. i love sonics cream slushes and if i had a kid i would be at that sale with you!

Erin said...

Amy, you are almost to single digit weeks left on this baby! That should be good news too. I'm going up to Park City next week to take advantage of those sales. And excuses really are cute on little ones!

Rachelle Van Wagoner said...

LOVED 7 Pounds! Such a good movie! I love Will's excuses! Hes such a cutie!

k&kchamberlain said...

I love what a nerd you are. Feel the love from one nerd to another.

marciea casselman said...

Amy, I find your entries refreshing and delightful. Congrats on your history class. And yes, summer is on its way and I am excited!!!

The Harveys said...

I need to see a good movie. I need to get out of the house. I've never bought ice cream from a truck. Sad huh? I wish my Geology class went as well as your history class.