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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Because I'm Addicted

It seems that over the past few days a million things have gone through my mind that I have wanted to blog. So, here is my list of things I'm thinking about lately:
1. The Host- I finished it a few days ago and loved it. Team Ian people, Team Ian.
2. What's better in New York, pizza or hot dogs?
3. Dallas' cousin Cole and his wife Chrissy have been visiting this week, and Grandma has been entertaining us (as is her specialty). We went to Sundance and rode the tram, shopped at the outlet mall, played cards, and we just can't stop eating.
4. Go Celtics! Serves you right Kobe, you cocky jerk.
5. Dallas is the best Dad ever- Will and I are so lucky. Even though I pretty much spaced Father's Day, he didn't even mind. I made it up to him with a nice shirt.
6. My father in law is the best! He is turning into a farmer, and he even named one of his goats Sam just for me.
7. My Dad has the best singing voice. I love his rendition of "Mimi With The Light Brown Hair". I'm pretty sure it's one of a kind.
8. Will has been jumping (so funny!) and can now count to 2. Miracle of Miracles!
9. I just bought the cutest sandals from BCBGMaxazria.
10. The Bachelorette. I love, love, love it right now. I hope Deanna picks Jason, becasue he is the sweetest. Graham is gorgeous. Jesse is fun, but just a friend. Jeremy is great, but kind of too serious.


Erin said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who watches the Bachelorette! I seriously HAVE to watch it every Monday night. Steve even puts Tyler to bed. I too like either Jeremy or Jason. Only four more days until NY! I'll be there in spirit.

aaron and aimee said...

I vote team Ian too!

marciea casselman said...

As far as hot dogs or pizza, eat both!! I am a HUGE fan of hot dogs, kind of like Matlock!! The pizza is good, too, although I just had some a Sbarro. Maybe the real stuff is better.
And "The Host" (breathing fast here) was excellent! Quite a fascinating read..........who comes up with these ideas anyway?
Have fun in NYC! BTW, I agree about the Celtics.

Boaz Family said...

I love the way you blog. You are so dang clever. I too love the bachelorette. It is so fun to see how awesome you and your cute family are doing. Have a blast in New York!!! Love ya cous'.

The Harveys said...

1. I just started it, I'm sorry I have no input.
2. Never been, but seriously girl it isn't like you will get fat from eating too much of either.
3. I love playing cards, aren't they against your religion?
4. What is this Celtics? Is this in reference to Ireland?
5. A nice shirt fixes everthing, don't you think?
6. Where does goat milk come from?
7. He should put out an album- I would buy it just from association.
8. Will is so smart with the jumping and counting.
9. You also have a shoe fetish, kinky.
10. I love me some eye candy. :)

Ty and Laura said...

Can't believe how soon you go to New York. Have fun for me and you better eat more than one hot dog, more than one way. and if you don't get a pizza in Little Italy you are crazy. I miss your guts out. Tyler got really excited yesterday because he remembered the Rock Crawl that goes on down here and he said, I quote, "Me and Dallas could go watch the Rock Crawl and it would be awesome and you guys could stay up in town and Shakespeare or whatever it is that you do." I laughed out loud and told him we would all go to the Rock Crawl because Will loves cars. He liked that idea too.

angied said...

i love this picture of dallas and will.

Addie May said...

Team Ian ALL THE WAY!! I thought he was so darling. I almost liked him as much as Edward. Almost :)
Have fun in New York!!!!!

Trent and Steph said...

That pic of Will and Dallas is so cute.

Laurel Hansen said...

Have FUN in NYC!!!

kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

I can't believe your NY countdown says 1 hour and 19 minutes as I'm typing! You will love it, and you better take one million pictures. As far as Host... Duh! Is there even any other option? I don't even think there is a Team Jared.

Snick said...

8 hours to NY?! You definitely were not born on Friday the 13th. It's just written all over you.